Friday, December 2, 2011

Cycle Swap Meet: Sunday

  Come get your Xmas shopping all in one place. You got schwinns for the kids, pink leather nipple tassels for your sugar-momma, Dice t-shirts for good friends, and pick one of three one-off Air Cleaners from Still Kicking. I don't have pics yet but I can describe them to those not going to Long Beach.

1.) 6-1/2x4" Oval K&N chrome-faced filter rocked at a 45 deg. angle for extra leg clearance and only 1-3/4" in height. Outfitted w/ an aluminum backing plate drilled for a cv carb and includes a Buell CV support bracket. Perfect for you street tracker, modder sportster.

2.) Next up, a traditional genuine Superior (flying goose) air cleaner cover 6" diaameter, chrome in excellent shape, matched up to one of my backing plates and 5" K&N and stainless hardware. Drilled for a Super E. Perfect for that non-period correct Shovelhead winter project.

3.) Lastly, a BUBBA custom performance version with an inverted cone built-in and ready to suck air like Debby does Dallas. Drilled for a CV carb and also includes a Buell bracket. Email for more details right.........

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