Friday, December 23, 2011

#3: Top 10

Boots are a very important part of motorcycling and quality is key as is where they are made. I bought these Justin Jmax boots for myself for Christmas from a little online store that not only offers free shipping but will pay for shipping back should you get the wrong size or don't like them for whatever reason and ship the right ones back to you. Ya Heard Right!!! They are and from the name, it sounds like they only sell American-made boots. Trip out...I did...

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  1. hey Wompy. My name is Harley, Mike D's friend. I have the black KZ1000. Anyway, wondering if you can help me fit 18" wheels on this bike. I need spacers for the rear and axle for the front. My number is 626-695-8929.
    Hope to here from you soon.