Sunday, October 2, 2011


Busy day yesterday

-Went to Wompy's house with Johnny to convert my XL from belt to chain
-Grabbed NYPD Pizza
-Tool fabbed to stop front pulley from spinning
-Finish conversion
-Swap out Air Cleaners
-Came home
-Johnny and I went back to pick up Wompy
-Ate Japanese in Costa Mesa
-Street Chopper release party

Next up, new seat/position, and 15" shocks. All in all, chain looks tough!


  1. So aside from looking bad ass, what are the advantages of switching to a chain?

  2. I can't say a single bad thing about the belt drive because it's never caused me any issues, except for the fugliness of the pulleys and the belt. They both have their pros/cons but nothing that makes one much better than the other in my opinion. I converted it strictly for the look.

  3. i'm still tired from all the days activities. hell of a time though!

  4. Chain conversion came out sick! What shocks are you running? Progressives?

  5. Thanks man. They're Works shocks.