Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting old!!!!

Had a birthday this past weekend with cake, ice cream, hats, the whole nine yards. Started with about 8 cases of beer and ended up with 10. WTF?? I know I had my share but some friends didn't show which bummed me out. Presents? All I wanted was a fucking massage. My back's been so fucked up lately I didn't even ask for the happy ending, just an honest massage. Didn't get that either but I did get a gift card to the GAP and Home Depot- maybe I'll buy a pair of boxers and a shovel. What did mom always say about having clean underwear? A good stretch last night helped though; just need to do it more often and drink less cuz the hangovers last longer the older you get.

1 comment:

  1. happy belated bday. I'm getting a massage tonight for the first time in ages. If I was a dude I'd want them to ask me if they could make my 'Banana cry.'

    This place called Massage Envy offers 1st time visitors 1 hr massage for $39. I think i'll have to go to all of them now and use a diff alias each time.