Monday, August 13, 2012

Great Weekend

Boogied out early Friday at 2:30am to meet the crew in Tracy on the way to Gabe's Philo Beddoe Reunion. Got to Tracy beating them by 1/2 hour so I helped the waitress at the diner get some tables together. Off to Newcastle after breakfast and now things are heating up fast. Atom Rotten was picking up another iron head so a quick stop was in order. Once at our destination we made ourselves at home with a couple jars of moonshine and some cold kegs. Gabe as usual provided the grub fit for royalty. One thing you'll find hanging around like minded freaks such as myself is that there's no limit to disgusting conversations or shit talk that always ends in stronger bonds and lasting memories. Ideas are shared, opinions are challenged yet respected, and help is always offered. A big thanks to Lois & Gabe for another memorable event Our ride home was another adventure in itself taking the 49 through the Sierras and setting up camp at Bass Lake. Great ass weekend riding with solid dudes is what it's all about.

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