Monday, November 7, 2011

Ocotillo Wells Chill Out

Although slab got busted, we busted through. Although it rained, it wasn't a rainout. Although it was cold, hearts stayed warm and content enjoying the crackling fire at a new locale. About 500 good dudes showed up to do what we do best: ride, camp and share stories. The web-savvy sherrifs showed up as well looking for outlaws with bats & clubs ready to pummel each other in an infamous satanic ritual known as the coctagon. Riot gear in place and backups waiting with teargas and dogs, they met a bunch of regular guys just camping & having some beers and happen to enjoy riding customized motorcycles. Who woulda thunk it, ayy?? Even a handsome Canadian was there thawing out. Slab City may not have come to pass but the spirit of what it's all about came through like the sun on Saturday morning.

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