Thursday, September 29, 2011

***SpOrTsTeR Riders: Please respond ***

   After a couple of fender and strut chops I did for friends, they were left looking neutered cuz something was just missing back there. I have been asked to chop it but leave enough room for the OL, make a sissy bar but "I want to be able to take it off easily." So I came up with these grab bar tail loops (still in prototyping stage). I would like to get some input on these to see what sporty guys think of their rear ends.
   * What I'm thinking is they'll be available p-coated or raw for those who want to weld in a sissy bar, school-boy book-rack,  p-pad tab, or tail light. 
   * They will mount in place of the 1/4" spacer in between frame and shock and lock into groove in front providing you drill a 5/16 hole.
   * They will include a tab welded on inside of loop to hold fender or tail light. 
   * For earlier models I will change the ears a bit.
   * Will accommodate a  Biltwell Banana seat (shown with struts cut off below)

   Watcha think?? All comments welcome...........


  1. They look as clean as a cats ass. Nice job dude.

  2. That looks super clean. I need something like this for mine so my OL will feel safer, maybe a slightly more upswept version.