Thursday, July 21, 2011

Get a Bearing...

  I pressed out the steering head bearing races on two Hondas I'm working on. One, a budget build due to a tweaked frame from 3 crashes and  fuckin Lucifer is still alive... and the other a racier build for myself and soon for sale. Or maybe I'll sell the Kawi, who knows.

  Since I'll be using a Yamaha R1 front end, plans include a new stem to fit 750 neck and bearings, derake the bitch and move it forward and down 1-1/2". I got this bike with the backbone hacked off, so it gives me a fresh start as to how I want to redo and reinforce the existing frame. I'm thinking Norton featherbed meets Multistrada. I've been collecting bits and pieces this last year, and the wheels I found fit the bill and will work with the R1 front rotors after some tweaking. Front is a 19" 5-spoke mag from a 80's Virago and rear is an 18" 5-spoke from a KZ550. Before all this can happen, I will start making an adjustable frame jig. Wish me luck!!!

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  1. People reach a point where they don't need luck to pull off shit like this. It's all talent and knowledge. Your one of them Wompy.