Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidential Suck Day

Fun and productive weekend for me!! Hung out with some good friends, had some great Thai food, solved a  clutch perch/cable issue bugging for months, just needs a little welding and blending, and I completely tore apart my friend's modern Triumph wiring loom and figured out what I need to do to eliminate the heat thermostat switch, throttle position sensor, kick stand switch, clutch depress switch,  rear brake light switch, and 10 lbs of wiring hidden in the headlight bucket which will also go in favor of a ducati bug eye halogen light. We'll be putting the battery, fuse block, relays, starter solenoid, in a custom box under the seat, barely noticeable to the human eye and relocate the rectifier in order to eliminate an extra mile of wires under his new ultra sexy aluminum tank...and breathe.... Pics soon!!!

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