Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zx600 carb set transplant

Many of you know I love me some kawasaki, so I decided to give my 650 a little more hp's. It's a bullet-proof little engine but needs better carburation. 29m smoothbores are the answer but this answer requires you give up your left arm. So I picked up a set of 1989 zx600 keihin cvk, 32mm compared to the stock mikuni vm24ss (ss stands for so sad).

My plans for the near future include new rails, since the spacing doesn't match, some manifold boot adaptor plates w/ a face groove for an o-ring, and custom choke lever.

All this is gonna happen after a top end rebuild and a set of cams from a 1983 gpz750. I'm saving for a wiseco 700cc piston kit which will put this little girl right around 90hp.

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